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AVIO DESIGN offers you quality that you can trust on.

AVIO DESIGN is extremely strict to the choice of materials and methods of manufacturing. We use only certified for aircraft-quality cylindrical tubes, and tested by the Foucault-current method, possess essential advantages for your safety and that of your passengers.

The ULMs of AVIODESIGN are affirmed for teaching, trips and towing of normal hang gliders.


The experience gained since 1990 and the unlimited creativity of the designers of Avio Design are the sound foundation of the complete line of microlights (trikes and wings) that meet the individual requirements of people daring to "dive" in the ocean above us.

Developed in two main groups - single and double-seaters, the trikes of Avio Design are easily distinguished by their lightness, elegance, power, reliability and safety, combined with comfort and stability both in the air and on the ground.

Some models are upgraded for special purposes, such as: agro-chemical treatment, emergency medical care, eco systems monitoring, etc.

Trikes and Wings

Avio Design Trikes
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  • Classic Trike
  • Delta Truster Trike
  • Meteor Trike
  • Migrator Trike
  • Skyter Trike
Avio Design Wings
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