Two-seater type "Swan II" - DULV certified

SKYTER is the top of the line two-seater trike type "SWAN II".It has allthe quality and safety features typical of the Avio Design trikes type"SWAN" - lightweight main frame made of special aviation gradealuminum alloys; instruments - conventional or digital, for constantmonitoring of flight and engine; comfortable seat, completed with a4-point safety-belt system; optional rescue rocket parachute system,elegant fiberglass cockpit that integrates a 70 liters long-distance fueltank.

Rotax 582 (64h.p.) engine coupled with a three-blade GFK propellers NEUFORM, IvoPROP or AEROprovides enough power for a 5 m/s climb.The additional intake and exhaust silencers bring for a lower noise levels and a supreme comfort during flight.



70 ltr. Long ditance fuel tank,integrated in the GFC cockpit;

Instruments (conventional/digital);

Tools bag - 3 pcs.;

Front wheel disc brake and park brake;

Front gear spring dampers;

Gas shock-absorbers on the main gear;

Rear wheels fairings;

Hand & foot throttle gas;

Tilting mast for easy mounting and dismounting of the wing;

Mast safety wire;

Hanging point safety wire;



Rescue rocket parachute system;

Aero-towing device;

Dual control steering;



Trike cover;

Trailer with Hauler;


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