About us

Motor Hang Gliders manufacturing,pilot training and services.

In favor of AVIO DESIGN are issued several type certificates from DULV - German Association for Ultralight Aircrafts after four years work on technical documentation, static and flight tests. Due to our many years experience gained in designing and producing of motor hang gliders and to our highly qualified team from professionals, AVIO DESIGN can offer you high-quality and reliable ultralights.

Our ultralights will satisfy your requirements for comfort, safety, easy handle and maintenance.

AVIO DESIGN offers you quality that you can trust on.AVIO DESIGN is extremely strict to the choice of materials and methods of manufacturing. We use only certified for aircraft-quality cylindrical tubes, and tested by the Foucault-current method, possess essential advantages for your safety and that of your passengers. The ULMs of AVIO DESIGNare affirmed for teaching, trips and towing of normal hang gliders.

Important details like gas dampers on amain gear and springs on a front gear ensures additional comfort on the ground.

The ULMs of AVIO DESIGN can be extra equipped with at owing system, floats for water, skis for snow, rocket safety system and system for agricultural treatment.



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